KnightCTF Web Writeups - Part 1

Knight CTF Web Writeups

CTF Name : KnightCTF 2022

Category : Web

Hello CTF Players ! Lets See the Web Writeups of KnightCTF 2022

## 1. Something you need to look wayback

Given The Link of the site Let’s open it

This Site Looks like a static site and no links are working in it, Its just a Fake static HTML Page , Lets look at that source code of the page

In the source code we can see the github repo link, Lets open it in new tab, But as usual there is no info here and looked at all the source files in that repo but no Flag here !!

Then Remembered the Title of this challenge Need to look wayback Suddenly checked the Commit history of that Repo, Yay Flag is in the commit history !

Flag : KCTF{version_control_is_awesome}

2. Do Something Special

Given the Website link Lets open it

There was a button named Get the Flag Clicked the button which redirected me to /[email protected]_y#[email protected]_h3r3! which gave 404 Not found !!

Then I tried to see what Request is Going on So Proxied with Burp and intercepted the Request, The Get Request was like this

Then I Noticed that the Path which it requested was [email protected]_y But Actual path is [email protected]_y#[email protected]_h3r3! Then I came to know that it was because of Special characters, So i tried to Encode the Path with URL Encoding

Now opened the URL with /{URL ENCODED VALUE}, And Yay We have got the Flag

Flag : KCTF{Sp3cial_characters_need_t0_get_Url_enc0ded}

3. Obfuscation isn’t Enough